family and pet Photography

Alongside my documentary wedding photography I also offer lifestyle and ‘day in the life’ family photography.

Your lifestyle session is different from the traditional style of family portraits and focuses on capturing you and your loved ones in a natural setting having a real life experience. There is minimal posing in my family photography, only real emotions that capture your family in time.

Before the shoot we will have a consultation to find a setting or activity that perfectly reflects your family. This could be at the park, at home , at the beech or anywhere that is special to you guys.

I also offer per photography for those whose families are little more furry!

Lifestyle Family Session | £150

1-2 Hours lifestyle family photography or pet photography
A pre-shoot consultation to plan the perfect shoot for your family
25 fully edited photos
Private online gallery
Prints and canvases available from the gallery

‘Day in the life’ Photography

For those who want to go beyond a portrait session and capture their families in the most natural way, I recommend my ‘day in the life’ sessions which are a purely photo-journalistic approach to family photography. We don’t set anything up, instead allow you and your family to enjoy those lovely little day to day moments together that in the years to come you will be able to cherish and look back on.

Day in the life sessions are incredibly relaxed and there is no strict schedule If your children have a tantrum, great it makes for funny photos! If its raining outside, no worries! The playtime photos are just as fun and getting messy is actively encouraged. To get a better idea of what is involved check out the slideshow below!

'Day in the life' sessions

Half Day - 5 hours £200
Full Day 10 Hours £400

Natural family photography capturing your family throughout a typical awesome day.
A pre-shoot consultation to find out all about your family and plan a perfect day together
50 Plus fully edited photos
Private online gallery
A slideshow of all your photos
Prints, canvases, and photobooks available from the gallery