A  natural, story-telling approach

As a documentary wedding photographer, my core value is to capture the day in the most natural way possible as a record of your wedding. To me, this is much more than simply shooting all those scheduled and traditional events that happen on most weddings but rather to focus on what I think is the most important part of the wedding, the people and the unique moments between them. I feel a wedding is like a years worth of family moments jammed into one day and I love to capture those emotions and connections that are unique to you and your family. 

I am constantly on the lookout for these candid moments throughout the day and you won't often find me adjusting things or trying to take control of how an event unfolds. I am quite happy to drift into the background on the wedding day and let you relax instead of worry about what you need to do for the camera. Of course if you want to grab me for photos with guests that's totally fine and I'm always happy do so!


How I capture your wedding day.


Getting ready in the morning.

The morning of the wedding day is one of my favourite parts of the day I feel an important part to be covered. I am also aware that this is when all a bride wants is to be relaxed and can be worried about being in front of the camera. After I have come in and said hello to everyone I will let you and your family and friends know that you can completely ignore me and treat me like just another piece of furniture in the room (just don't sit on me!). I fully invite you to treat bridal prep like I'm not even there and then I can freely capture all the little moments that happen naturally.

The ceremony.

As any  professional wedding photographer will tell you, when it comes to the ceremony, my only job is to document! I will be as unobtrusive as possible and unless you're looking for me, you shouldn't notice that I'm there. If you have a second photographer on the day then you will also get a second angle of coverage (normally from the back).

Family formals.

Typically during a wedding there are only two parts of the day that I will have any direct involvement and one of them of course is the family photos after the ceremony. When it comes to family photos it is totally up to you if you would like them or not. I think they are a great way to document those who were at your wedding and are especially valued by older family members such as parents and grandparents. I believe in getting you guys great family photos but shoot in such a way that I can get it done quick so you guys can get back to your wedding as quickly as possible. I do this in a few ways but for the best result I have a suggested family formal list that allows me cover all the key players at the wedding in 15-20 minutes. I will then be able to get photos of everyone else candidly throughout the day. 

The couples session.


The other part of the day that I will be directly involved in will be the couples photo session. I love this part of the day as I'm always excited to be creative and have some one on one time with my clients. I can't call myself a complete documentary photographer at this point in the day as I will suggest places for you to stand and put you into natural positions where you both comfortably interact with one another and create real moments instead of feeling overly posed and awkward. Once again, because I value the documentary and candid photos more than most and because I want you to have as much time with your guests as possible I won't keep you away too long. 15 minutes before the wedding breakfast is sufficient with another 15 before first dance or around sunset time as well if you would like. I am completely flexible when it comes to how much time you would like for your couple photos so if you happy to be away for longer then of course that's fine!

The rest of your day.

Aside from the specific times I mention above I don't ask anything else from you and want you to enjoy your day without the worry of having to do anything at all for the camera. I will always be around ready to capture whatever unplanned moments may happen and capture photos that tell the story and put across the feelings of the day. I am a big fan of the evening part of a wedding so I will always stick around the capture those awesome dance floor shots and am not afraid to get on the dance-floor to do so! 

If you would like chat further about how I will capture your special day then please do get in touch with any questions you may have!