Nottingham Wedding Photography - The Carriage Hall Wedding

Nottingham Wedding Photographer - The Carriage Hall Wedding

Although I am a wedding photographer based In Kent I also shoot a lot of weddings up north In Nottingham as my family are based there. Last month I had the pleasure of capturing Adam and Sian's special day at The Carriage Hall in Nottingham

Sian & Adam were married in March of 2018 at the Carriage Hall. The day was awesome from start to finish and guests had a great time enjoying the venue.  The wedding was super relaxed and everybody had a fantastic time.

Lorna got ready with her bridesmaids at a frantically decorated B&B in Nottingham,  The girls had a lovely relaxing time having their hair and makeup done before heading off to the venue.

The Ceremony was fantastic and full of smiles and tears of joy. After the ceremony, the weather wasn't totally on our side but it didn't bother Sian and Adam one bit. Talk about a cool couple! We still managed to get out and do some couple shots which looked great and everyone was in such high spirits no matter the weather!

After the wedding breakfast, we were treated to some moving and laughter filled speeches and as we got into the evening Sian had booked a sweet pop/folk band to get everyone up on the dance floor.

Thank you so much, Sian Adam, for allowing me to capture your special day. These guys were such a beautiful couple to be around and I loved capturing the memories of the day. If you are getting married at the Carriage Hall or elsewhere in Nottingham, Kent or the rest of the UK please do get in touch or check out my portfolio for more shots.

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Tunbridge Wells Wedding Vendor Spotlight - Darling & Wild Florist


Tunbridge Wells Wedding Florist - Darling & Wild

Tunbridge Wells in Kent host plenty of amazing wedding vendors and is the perfect place to look when it comes to picking the right vendor for your wedding. As a Tunbridge Wells wedding photographer, I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by many other fantastic wedding businesses such as florists, dress shops, cake makers and many more. 

I love working in this community and working with other vendors to create the best product possible. One particular vendor I have a great affection for is Tunbridge wells wedding florist Darling & Wild, a  florist ran by the lovely Lara based next to the picturesque Pantiles. 

I love what Lara does and her clear expertise and creativity. She has an awesome attitude when it comes to providing a great customer service and I highly recommend her to any of my couples who are currently looking for a wedding florist.

Lara's wedding flowers and bouquets are perfect for those who are looking for something a little different and special on their wedding day. Lara takes the time to get to know her clients and guides them through picking wedding flowers that are perfectly suited to them. 

It's always lovely to drop in on Lara when down in Tunbridge Wells so if you are ever in the neighbourhood why not pop in and say hi!

Last time I met up with Lara I also grabbed a few snaps of her in action. Check it out! You can get in touch with Lara and find out more about Darling and Wild on the website.


UK Documentary Family Photographer - A morning with Anneka, Ian & Mya

UK Documentary Family Photographer - A Morning with Anneka, Ian & Mya

As you may know, I work nearly exclusively as a documentary wedding photographer in Kent, however, I have recently been looking at getting into documentary family photography. I love capturing real natural moments in a families life whether it be something momentous like a wedding or the beautiful day to day moments that are so special. 

Because of this family historian mindset, documentary family photography seemed like a natural extension of what I already do, so I sought out a loving family to allow me to capture their typical day in the life, no poses, no direction and no fake smiles. Just real moments between the family. I couldn't have found a more perfect family to do this with than Anneka, Ian & Mya. 

Anneka and Ian are an awesome couple and their daughter Mya is just 9 months but already is beaming with personality and has an amazing smile. We started the day at breakfast time, where things got a little messy!

After breakfast, the happy family hung out around the house and had a bit of playtime before getting ready to start the day. This included a very splashy bath time and some time hanging with their cat.

They then went for walk in the local park before returning home for lunch and more fun around the home. 

I love how the photos turned out and it sounds like Anneka & Ian loved them too! I can't wait to do more shoots like this and capture families at their most real. If you are looking to preserve your families memories and would like a shoot like this please do get in touch and tell me about your loved ones.  

Below I have the slideshow from the shoot and the images below that. Enjoy! Thank you once again to Anneka, Ian and Mya for being so lovely and for having me into your home!

Nottingham Wedding Photography - Swancar Farm Country House Wedding

Nottingham Wedding Photographer - Swancar Farm Country House Wedding

Although I am a wedding photographer based In Kent I also shoot a lot of weddings up north In Nottingham as my family are based there. Its always great to go back to Nottingham for weddings and Lorna and Dean's wedding at Swancar Farm Country House was a fantastic spring wedding.

Lorna and Dean were married in March of 2018 and the weather was on our side. The day was lovely from start to finish and guests were able to enjoy the whole venue inside and out.  The wedding was an incredibly fun one with all their families and friends around them. 

Lorna got ready with her bridesmaids at her home in Nottingham,  it was a lovely relaxed setting full of laughter and it was great to meet Lorna and Dean's cat! Once hair and makeup were done the girls headed off to Swancar Farm Country House to add the final touches and get dressed.

The ceremony was a joy to capture and afterwards the happy couple and had a relaxing time hanging out with all the guests, listening to music and snapping polaroids. We also took some time to get family photos and couple shots which were a lot of fun and Lorna & Dean looked great.

After the wedding breakfast we were treated to some hilarious and uplifting speeches and as we got into the evening Lorna and Dean had booked a fantastic band to get everyone up on the dance floor.

Thank you so much, Lorna and Dean, for allowing me to capture your special day. These guys were such a relaxed and fun couple to be around and I loved capturing the memories of the day. If you are getting married at Swancar Farm Country House or elsewhere in Nottingham, Kent or the rest of the UK please do get in touch or check out my portfolio for more shots.

Seaford Engagement Shoot - Kent Wedding Photographer

Seaford Engagement Shoot - Kent Documentary Wedding Photographer

When it comes to the effort for their engagement shoot, Sophie and Tom win hands down. Due to the rains the morning before the shoot we had a pretty crazy and muddy walk to get to our engagement shoot, it was a bit of a nightmare!

When we arrived at the beach by seven sisters, fortunately, it all paid off. The light was awesome and we had the beach to ourselves, it was a wonderful backdrop! Sophie and Tom also brought along their little boy ( who wasn't that interested in photos! ) 

Sophie and Tom were lovely to shoot with, due to the long walk we also had lots of time to chat and learn about their lives and their wedding plans. It sounds like its going to be a really lovely wedding and I can't wait to capture their wedding later in the year. 

If you are looking for a wedding photographer and would like to know more about my engagement shoots and other services then please get in touch using my contact form .
You can also check out my engagement portfolio

Below are a few of my favourites from the shoot. Thank you very much Sophie and Tom for your time and for walking through all that mud!

Kent Farm Wedding Photography - Woodland Valley Farm - Hannah & Chris's Barn Wedding

Kent Alternative Wedding Photography - Farm Wedding Photos - Hannah & Chris

I love a farm wedding! Last Summer I was lucky enough to be a part of Hannah & Chris's alternative wedding in Cornwall at Woodland Valley Farm. This wedding was a highlight of the year for me and I'd been looking forward to it all year. 

Every part of this wedding had Hannah & Chris's stamp on it and all the details of the day were beautiful. It was fantastic to see how much effort the happy couple put into giving their loved ones a fantastic day and boy did it not disappoint!


Hannah got ready at her parents beautiful Cornwall home before heading to Ladock Church for a beautiful traditional ceremony. After the ceremony when we arrived at Woodland Valley Farm we were all treated to some lovely music and laughter and even an ice cream truck! The Farm was a perfect backdrop for a DIY wedding like this and was a great place for guests to relax and enjoy the day.

During the relaxing day me, Chris and Hannah were able to sneak off to get some lovely couples portraits as well. The evening ended for me with Hannah & Chris's first dance which they had put a lot of effort into rehearsing and looked fantastic.

Thank you very much, Hannah & Chris, for letting me a part of your beautiful day. Here are some of my highlights from the day.

For anyone planning a farm wedding ( or any wedding! ) and are looking for a documentary photographer the please do get in touch

Kent Documentary Family Photography - Abi and Amelia

Kent Documentary Family Photographer - Abi and Amelia make gingerbread men!

As many of you know I am now taking bookings for family photography in Kent. As a documentary wedding photographer who focuses on natural moments, I have often been drawn to capturing families in the same way. I joined Abi, a fellow family and newborn photographer a week before Christmas to capture her and her daughter doing one of their favourite things, baking!

It was a pleasure to hang out with Ami and Amelia and these two have no problem creating tonnes of lovely moments between one another which were a joy as well. As a side note, the gingerbread cookies tasted pretty dang good!

I am pleased to be offering family documentary sessions like this one for 2018 as well Day in the Life sessions where I can capture a families typical yet unique day as a moment in time to be cherished in the years to come. If you are after something similar then please do feel free to get in touch! Below are a few shots from the shoot. Thank you very much, Abi and Amelia for having me in your beautiful home and allowing me to capture a small slice of your family history.

Secret Garden Wedding Photography - Suzie & Matt Wedding

Secret Garden Wedding Photography - Kent Documentary Wedding Photographer - Suzie & Matt's Wedding Photos

I'd been meaning to blog Suzie & Matt's Wedding photos at the Secret Garden for some time. It was such an awesome wedding and a joy to look back through. Suzie and Matt are an incredibly fun and life-loving couple. I don't remember any times when we chatted without bursting into laughter.

Suzie got ready with her bridesmaids and parents at the Woolpack Inn, Woolpack is a cool quirky pub which was a fun relaxing place to start the day. There was a lot of laughter in the air from the very start, Suzie had hired marryoke for the day which made things even more fun!

As the weather was gorgeous Suzie and Matt were able to get married outside in the center of the secret garden in Kent. The Ceremony was beautiful and everyone was either in tears of laughter or joy from the speeches afterwards. I stayed at the wedding right to the end when Suzie and Matt made their sparkler exit which was the perfect way to end the evening.

The thing I loved most about this wedding was hanging out with the couple's families and capturing all the special and unique moments between them. There was no shortage of emotion and I feel very lucky to document such a special day. Thanks again guys! Thank you also to Lily Lane Photography for second shooting

Kent Pre-Wedding Photography - Nicola and Dan

Rochester Engagement Photography - Nicola and Dan's couple shoot.

Earlier this year I held a competition for a free couple shoot and this weekend I had the pleasure of meeting with the winners, Nicola and Dan.

As you may have noticed, the beast from the east is in full force and when he had our couples shoot in Rochester in Kent, it was the first day of this big freeze! Nicola and Dan were really good sports and were happy to embrace the cold for their shoot, and although my shutter fingers was a little numb by the end we still had loads of fun.

We met at the castle in Rochester and walked around the promenade and high street. My favourite moment from the shoot was when I invited Nicola and Dan to have a little piggyback which soon escalated into the most horizontal piggyback I've ever seen. Thank you  guys for being an awesome couple :)

Kent Documentary Wedding Photographer - Karen & Simon's intimate wedding

Kent Documentary wedding Photographer - Karen & Simon

I love weddings that give me a chance to approach things differently, Karen & Simons small intimate and secret wedding with just 10 guests gave me a chance to get close and cover their wedding in a truly photojournalistic way.

Karen and Simon's wedding was one of the first ones of 2018 for me and was an awesome way to start the year. They chose to have a small wedding with just their close family and it was a pleasure to be a part of as they enjoyed the day surrounded by their closest loved ones and did things their way.

The happy couple got ready at Blue Door Barns, a rustic barn accommodation in Lewes. This place was a lovely location for the family to hand out and get ready at before heading over the Southover Grange registry. Karen and Simon chose to get married in secret before announcing it afterwards which was lovely to watch.

The day was very laid back and relaxed and we had plenty of time to enjoy the grounds of Southover Grange before heading back to the Barn. Although it was mid-January, everyone was very happy to spend time outside and play around with party poppers and sparklers outside. Karen was amazing and taking care of her wedding details and her self-made bouquet and cake were both fantastic!

I hung out with the happy couple and their lovely family into the evening until they headed off to finish the special day with a family meal, lovely! I have included a selection of my favourite photos from the day below. Thank you very much Karen and Simon for letting be a part of their special day!

10 Questions to ask your wedding photographer

10 questions to ask your potential wedding photographer


If you are on the lookout for your perfect wedding photographer you will have most likely learnt by now that the range in style and approach is immense and I will be the first to admit it can be a little overwhelming when trying to make a choice. I always recommend to enquiring couples that we try and meet so you can discover for yourself if its the right fit. Not only is your wedding photographer responsible for capturing your special day but also someone you will be spending a lot of time with on the day so you want to be sure you get along and their values align with yours. It is a huge belief of mine that if you are comfortable with your photographer, not only will you have a better wedding day but you will also look back at your photos a lot more fondly as you allowed yourself to relax in front of the camera.

To help you along with meeting with your potential wedding photographer I have put together a few questions I love clients to ask and my own answers as an example.

1 - What is your style?

Why ask? - When it comes to wedding photography, there is a whole spectrum of styles a wedding photographer can adapt and plenty of terms to describe a photographer's style such as 'Photojournalist', 'Modern', 'traditional' or 'fine art'. I would advise when looking for a wedding photographer to have a think about what styles you like.

My answer -  I consider myself a wedding photojournalist and focus on documenting the wedding in a natural and unobtrusive way. I strive to capture the emotions of the day and avoid fake smiles and overly posy shots. At the same time, I am always happy to take any group photos you or your guests would like throughout the day. 

2 - When and how do we receive our images? 

Why ask? - A photographers skillset is not only just limited to the wedding day, their job continues after the wedding day in how the process your photos. Be sure to find out from your clients how many photos the photographer will be providing and to what degree your photos will be edited. If your photographer takes on a high number of weddings a year then they also may take longer to deliver your photos. 

My Answer - After the wedding, I will take your photos home ready to be edited. The main delivery of your images is through your own online gallery where you can easily download all the photos with one click or individual photos you would like to like to store on your computer. For those who would like one,  I also post out a USB. Once you have your images you can either print them with your preferred lab or print directly through your online gallery. In regards to delivery time, this can vary throughout the year but during peak time expect a delivery time of 3-5 weeks.

3 - Whats your approach for family photos?

Why Ask? When it comes to family photos, wedding photographers have varying degrees of dedication towards them. For example, more traditional wedding photographers will often take more time with family photos and a larger number of shots, however, this additional time can eat into time which you may consider better spent chatting to your guests and enjoying your day.

My Answer -  I do think family photos are an important and great way to capture all your loved ones together. However, as a photojournalist, I don't want to keep you from your guests and canapes any longer than necessary. Because of this, I have developed a strategy that allows me to get you great family photos without taking up your precious time. It typically takes around 15 minutes. After this, I focus on getting shots of the rests of your guests in a more natural setting. 

4 - Can we ask for certain photos?

Why Ask - A good wedding photographer will take the time to get to know you to get a better idea of what is most important to you.  You may have a feature of your wedding venue you are in love with that you would love a shot with, or you may have seen a wedding photo on Pinterest you are totally in love with.

My Answer - Of Course! I like to consider myself a very social and approachable photographer and want you to feel comfortable to ask for whatever you like. I take the time to ask you before the wedding day for a specific shot you want. Of course, I know to get shots of the rings and of you and your parents etc so this is more for anything out of the norm such as a photo with friends you haven't seen for a long time!

5 - Whats your start/end time?

Why ask? - I believe your wedding is so much more than the Ceremony and speeches but all those amazing moments that surround it, it's like a year's worth of moments crammed into one day! There is a lot of emotions in the air in the morning and excitement in the evening and you want to make sure your wedding photographer is there to capture that. Some wedding photographers have a limited time and the last thing you want is your photographer leaving before the holy grail of wedding photography - the dad dance off!

My Answer - Because I want to capture every unexpected moment throughout your day I offer unlimited coverage so when I start and when I finish is totally up to you! I never want you guys to worry about when I'm leaving and have to organise things around it I just want you to relax and enjoy your day knowing everything is being captured. If there is something special happening early in the morning I'm more than happy to be there. I stay at least an hour after first dance but if the dance floor is full you better believe I'm sticking around!

6 - How do we get an album

Why ask? - Ok so here's the thing, living in the modern world of photography definitely has its advantages but the biggest problem with digital photography is exactly that, its digital! Having a print of your photograph is like having the complete product and there's something about a physical print that has so much more resonance than a digital copy. A wedding album is an extension of this thought process and having something physical as a memento of the day I think is really important.

My Answer - Getting a wedding album from me is really easy. Before or after the wedding you can order an album, once you have received your wedding photos all you need to do is pick your images in your gallery and I will send off a design for your approval and were done! You can also choose from a wide range of cover options.

7 - What are the benefits of a second photographer?

Why Ask? - When looking for your perfect wedding photographer you will see a lot of them will offer a second photographer, either as standard or as an additional extra. You may be wondering what exactly are the benefits of a second photographer for your wedding.

My Answer - In my opinion, a second photographer is the best value add-on you can have for your wedding coverage. Not only do you get coverage of the other side of the story in the morning ( groom prep and guest arrival ) but you also get so much more including a second angle for the ceremony, more candid shots of guests, more couple shots, your main wedding photographer can also spend more time on shots such as venue details knowing that candid moments are not being missed. It also means your wedding photographer has an assistant on the day to implement lighting techniques not always possible with just one person.

8 - What happens if you are ill or unable to attend?

Why ask? - Your wedding is a special unique day and can not be repeated or rearranged, understandably then it is important that there be someone to capture the day no matter what. Knowing that your wedding photographer and other vendors have plans in place should the worst happen can relieve that worry

My Answer - I like to have backup plans for all scenarios including if I am not able to attend your wedding. If you have a second photographer booked then that person will become your main photographer, this is one of the reasons I make sure my second photographers are up to my standard. If you haven't booked the second shooter then I am very well connected in the photographer world and will do my utmost to send you a replacement at no extra cost, fortunately, we live in a world where there are facebook groups for this eventuality. 

9- What do you love most about photographing weddings?

Why ask? When looking for a wedding photographer you want to feel you have found one that is on the same page as you when it comes to weddings and cares about what they are doing. By asking them what they love most amount weddings and looking for a genuine answer you can get a better idea of what your wedding photographer is more likely to focus on.

My Answer - As a documentary wedding photographer I love what I call the 'moments between moments'. Those proud looks from parents, friends cracking up when trying to arrange a group photo, the bouquet toss going nowhere near the guests, the nephew sneaking sweets from the sweet table before its open. I am always on the lookout for these little stories in between the traditional parts of a wedding day as these are unique to every couple and make great memories.

10 - How do you schedule your wedding photography?

Why ask? So you have found a wedding photographer whose work you love and you get along well with, the last thing to find out is where they will be throughout the day and what time they need to produce the photographs you want. Photographers can vary a lot in regards to this so it is definitely worth asking.

My answer - As well as getting awesome wedding images for you, I consider the other half of my job is to help you have the best day ever! A lot of this comes down to simply letting you enjoy your day without taking up much of your time. The only 2 times during the day I need anything from you will be for the couples session and your family portraits. For both of these, I work in a time efficient way ( about 15 minutes) for both so you can focus on having fun and enjoying your day.


Westerham Golf Club Wedding | Kent Documentary Wedding Photographer

Westerharm Golf Club Wedding

Kent Documentary Wedding Photographer

Laura & Nathans wedding at Westerham Golf Club this Summer was one I will remember for a long time . It was great fun to shoot from start to end. Laura and Nathan are a really kind and thoughtful couple. It was a pleasure to document the natural moments between them and their family

Laura got ready with her bridesmaids and parents at her family home which was a relaxed and intimate atmosphere . There was laughter all morning as well as a great deal of excitement.

Laura and Matt had a Greek orthodox ceremony in London which was beautiful and full of tradition. We then went off to Westerham golf club where guests and the happy couple could enjoy the sun and some fantastic live music. 

The thing I loved most about this wedding was the Greek dancing in the evening and all the loving family moments. Thank you very much for having me Laura and Joe to capture your special day.

For those who are looking to book a wedding photographer please get in touch using my contact page of check out my wedding portfolio and prices.