Emily & Jack Engagement Shoot - Wollaton Hall.

I've been looking forward to this engagement shoot for while now, when I first met Emily and Jack to talk about having me as their wedding photography I felt we clicked really well. We have the same interests in music and Skiing and they are a very cool couple to hang out with. They are also getting married at a wedding location on the top of my bucket list, Wollaton hall. AKA Batman's house! For those who don't know this is a hall with an amazing park in Nottingham that was used in the most recent Batman films as Wayne Manor so the geek within is very excited about this.

We decided to an engagement shoot at the park surrounding the hall as its such a massive place we could explore the area to get ideas for the day without shooting in the same places and I found a nice little wood to the side of park where it was a lot quieter ( there was a pug walk meetup going on on the day?!) 

Jack and Emily were really cool to shoot and we had a lot of fun and now I can't wait for their big day later this year. Here are some of my favourites from the shoot. 

Danny HeydonComment