Langar Hall Wedding Photography - Charlotte & Dean's Winter wedding

Langar Hall Wedding - Nottingham Wedding Photography

This wedding was a unique one, not only was it the last wedding of 2016 for me on the 23rd of December but it was also the first wedding of 2017! Charlotte and Dean had an intimate ceromony with their closest family at Langar Hall followed by drinks , laughter and a family meal. It was really special to capture such an event as it was quite different to the larger ceremonies I am used to. 

Langar Hall was the perfect venue for a wedding two days before Christmas, the venue had a very christmasy feel with its old fashioned feel, the grand fireplaces and christmas trees made great backdrops for the day. On the day it was very cold and windy so it was lovely to have a warm place to relax after the ceromony. 

Once Charlotte and Dean's guest sat down for Dinner I said my goodbyes but it didn't end there, I then saw them again for their reception in the new year at the lovely restaurant Chequers. What I really loved about this was that not only did Charlotte and Dean get a lovely intimate ceromony but also a lively reception with all their other loved ones. The reception had a great photobooth and Charlotte and Dean had set up Chequers to look fantastic, we got some great night time shots as well before the guests arrived. 

I owe Charlotte and Dean a gratitude for not only having such a fantastic wedding to end my 2016 wedding season but also to kicking off 2017 in such a great way. I wish you guys all the best and look forward to designing your album.

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