Nottingham Wedding Photography - Why have an engagement shoot and how to prepare for it.

Some people love them , some hate the idea of them ( I personally love them) the idea of an engagement divides both engaged couples and wedding photographers which is totally understandable . It can be a daunting experience and for some couples, the couples portrait section of a wedding is the part of the wedding photography they're most nervous about so why would they want to put themselves through it twice?

Why have an engagement shoot?

1 - Get used to the camera. 

It's my opinion that for those couples who do feel a bit uncomfortable about being in front of the camera that an engagement is most beneficial. The fear is in the unknown as they say and an engagement shoot can be the perfect way to make couples feel a bit more at ease . My approach to the couples shoot is to keep things relaxed and natural and not let anything seem overly posed or staged. I adopt the same approach for my engagement shoots so my clients can get a better idea of what it will be like on the day so there's no surprises. My clients  appreciate this and by the end of the shoot feel a lot more relaxed, especially the guys who on average tend to be a bit less keen to have their photo taken.

2 - Get to know me a bit better

To get the best photographs during your wedding I'm a big believer in creating a good relationship with the couples I'm photographing and after our initial meeting, the engagement shoot is probably the most amount of time we get to spend together before the wedding. It's a great time for us to have a laugh and learn more about each other. I want my clients to feel comfortable enough with me around during the big day that they almost forget I'm there and I can capture these amazing moments in a very natural way.

3 - I get to know you a little better

As well as for the couple the engagement shoot is also beneficial for me. Its great get more of an idea  about how you guys interact as a couple. How you act in front of the camera and how you engage with other. This way come the wedding day I can run the couples photoshoot in a way that best suits you two as a couple.

4 - Great images to be used how you like. 

Of course another great reason is to have great images! Having the photos from your engagement can be used for a number of a things such as engagement announcements, Reception decorations, Wedding invites , signing boards and all kinds of other things. Your photos will be both high resolution an social media ready so you can share the photos online to friends and family easily from your own online gallery. 

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How to prepare for your shoot.

1 - pick a great location

When we book in your engagement shoot we will want to find a place with an interesting and attractive setting with variety a place you can be comfortable. I've got loads of places in mind for your engagement shoot wether it be in Nottingham or Kent however I also invite you to have a think about a place you think it would be nice to have your photographs taken. If there is a place that is special to the two of you such as where you met or where you got engaged I would love to hear about it 

2 - have a look online for some ideas

If you've never seen photos from an engagement shoot before you may not know what to expect and what the photos will look like. So feel free to have a look online at other engagement shoots or better yet , look at some of my previous work . A little research may also give you some ideas you may like to incorporate into your shoot. I'm always open to suggestions!

4 - Be ready to have fun.

And finally the best tip I can give is to relax about the shoot and try to enjoy it! If you keep a open mind about the shoot and try not to worry about how the pictures are coming out I guarantee you'll enjoy it more and it will come out in the pictures! This is part of my job to keep things fun so don't worry you and your pictures are in safe hands.

3 - What to wear

This all depends on the time of year and time of the day . I don't want couple to worry too much about what they're wearing so I just tell couples to wear something they are comfortable in. The shoot is supposed to be natural so wear what you normally would. Most people don't wear a suit to the park but that's totally up to you! The one thing I would suggest is to avoid things like tops with words or logos on them as this can distract from the image. The same applies with bright colours. 

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To get more of an idea of an idea of what an engagement shoot is like check out of my most recent shoots.

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