Product Spotlight - The Memento Album

This year I have had the pleasure to meet with many engaged couples in Nottingham and Kent to discuss their wedding photography needs for their 2016/2017 weddings. When I meet with a potential client I get the chance to get to know them and what their looking for in a wedding photographer. I also bring along some wedding albums for them to take a look at. 
    When talking to these couples about what they are looking for in a wedding ablum I often get the same response that in this digital age the digital images are more important to them than an album which is completly understandable with the way social media has allowed us to share photos with all those important to us. However couples would still like something that compliments the delivery of these digital files so they have something physical as a memento of the spcial day.
    With this kind of client in mind I offer an album I like to call the Memento album. This wedding album comes in a keepsake box for both a storybook style album and USB of all the images. The box comes in both wood or leather with the wood option allowing for your favourite photo from the day on both the cover of the box and the accompanying USB which has its own compartment in the box. 

The album itself is personalised to the couple including their choice of colour for the album and what photos are included and excluded from the final album. The clients will be able to view a draft before it goes to print to ensure its exactly what they want. This album is laid out in a way to tell each moment of the the wedding as a scene in a story each page spread is laid out in a way to best tell these moments.

 I like to imagine that this album can be used to keep other important wedding mementos in such as wedding invitations and orders of service. It can be kept above the fireplace or on the shelf and can be taken down again and again over the years to relive your special day. 
  So if your looking for a Nottingham Wedding Photographer or Kent Wedding Photographer and this sounds like the album for you then please get in touch

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