UK Steampunk wedding photography - Upnor Castle, Kent

UK Steampunk Wedding Photography - Karen & Jack

Kent Wedding Photography - Upnor Castle

I often tell my clients that I love anything in a wedding that is a bit different or alternative to the traditional. Jack and Karen completely blew me away with their amazing steampunk wedding!

Jack and Karen got married at Upnor Castle in Kent and decided to do things a bit differently and go with a theme. I have never shot a steampunk wedding before so didn't know what to expect ( which is all part of the fun) and I was pleased to see an amazing effort the happy couple and their guests had put into their outfits. Everyone looked amazing! I did feel slightly sorry for some of the guests as this was certainly the hottest wedding of the year.

Upnor Castle is a English heritage site next to a quaint high street of Upnor Village. This was the perfect backdrop to their steampunk theme and had a really personal atmosphere for the couple. The reception was in a friend's lovely garden on the high street and was the perfect place to chat and boogie. There was a live singer and even a fortunately timed river firework display!

Karen and Jack are an amazing couple with a very loving couple and it was great to share their unique intimated wedding with them. Below are a few shots from the day.

Hair and Makeup :

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