Top tips for a stress-free wedding day

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Top tips for a stress-free wedding day

Weddings are amazing and full of awesome moments from start to end. Chances are you have spent months planning your special day and it takes place in just one day.It's totally understandable that because you have spent so much time thinking about all the details you could be a little stressed or nervous that things come together with the way you imagined. that  I am writing this article to tell you that it's all going to be magical no matter what, take a breath, and remember why you are getting married in the first place and you will have an amazing day. If you are worried about being stressed on the day I have compiled a little list of my top tips for a stress-free wedding day so that you can focus on enjoying it.

Don't forget to eat and sleep!

It seems like an obvious but when there is a lot of excitement in the air it can be easy to forget to look after yourself. If you are hungry for the wedding it can lead to you being more easily agitated ( or as I like to call it, being hangry! ). Make sure you have a good breakfast in the morning and if your ceremony is later a pre-ceremony lunch. It can also be tempting to stay up late the night before the wedding as you will be around your loved ones. There will be plenty of time to party with your friends and family on the day and you will be in a much better head space if you're not tired.

Get the tunes on!

During bridal prep in the morning, it's important to remember to enjoy the time being pampered and have a laugh with your friends in family. If the room is quiet it can be a nice time to reflect but at the time having some music on is always relaxing. A nice idea is to spend some time before the wedding to make an awesome playlist with your bridesmaids to get ready to.

Give yourself more time that you need

One of the main things the can cause stress on a wedding day is if you find you have less time than you thought you needed. First of all, let me tell you that this is ok and it happens more often than you would think. However, by allowing yourself time buffers around your day, you can relax and better take in the moments without wondering what time it is. For example, it can be tempting to time it so that you are in your dress on just before the start of the ceremony but it's not something you want to rush so allow time to relax in your dress afterwards.

Ditch the phone

Your wedding day is a day to spend with all your favourite people, thanks to modern technology your wedding day is also a day where your phone will be going to completely nuts with notifications. These messages of well-wishing aren't going anywhere so leave them to later in the day and focus your energy on enjoying the day. It can also be very tempting to keep on checking the weather report but from experience, I can tell you that it never helps to check and rarely is right.

Designate someone to round up people

When it comes to your family photos. It is always a huge help to have someone designated on both sides to help round people up for photos, during cocktail hour no one wants to spend any time waiting for someone to find uncle Bob or aunt Jill. By having someone who knows their role to gather people up beforehand we can fly through these photos and get your back to your friends and canapes!

Keep a copy of your speech

One of the biggest concerns the groom typically have is their speech.I totally get that as most of us are not used to public speaking, it can be tempting to do your speech off the cuff without notes to make things sound more natural, in fact, if you are not used to public speaking then not having your speech written down can make things more tricky. By having your speech written down you can avoid second-guessing yourself that you have missed anything.Even Obama has an autocue! Remember as well that your wedding photographer will be capturing your speeches so instead of reading off your phone maybe have some nice paper to look better in the photos. 

Avoid sneaking a peek at your wedding venue beforehand.

As you have put a lot of effort into how your wedding venue will look it can be tempting to sneak a peak or ask a loved one to check in on how things are looking, having seen a lot of wedding venues before they have finished I know that until it is all done it can look a little chaotic so avoid sneaking a peek! Have faith in your well-chosen wedding vendors. They are all experienced at what they do and won't let you down.

Learn to let go

Heres a little bit of an of a hard truth when it comes to your carefully planned wedding day. Not everything will go exactly the way you expect. It could rain, someone could be late, your shoes could get scuffed, and your dress may get dirty. All of this is ok and when you look back will most likely be another fond memory of the day. When things don't exactly go to plan it is important to accept it and move on. You will kick yourself if you spend your whole day fretting over something instead of focusing on having fun and amazing moments with your loved ones, learn to not fret the small stuff and focus on why you and all your family are gathered together in the first place. Which leads me to my final and most important point below.

Remember why your all gathered in the first place. 

The number one tip I can give to have a stress free day is just to keep why you are there in the first place. Your wedding is about the love and commitment between you and your new spouse, it's about bringing your family and friends together to share in your joy and celebrating you guys as a couple. An awesome wedding dress, beautiful venue and perfect weather are all fantastic things, however, compared to how you will feel when you become married these things are not all that important. Try not to forget this and anything that the wedding day throws at you won't stress you out and you be free to take in all the once in a lifetime emotions of the day.

I hope all these tips have been of some help to you if I am your wedding photographer then as well capturing beautiful moments for you I will do anything I can to help you have the best possible day. If you are looking for a wedding photographer and would like to find out more then please get in touch using my contact form

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