UK Documentary Family Photographer - A morning with Anneka, Ian & Mya

UK Documentary Family Photographer - A Morning with Anneka, Ian & Mya

As you may know, I work nearly exclusively as a documentary wedding photographer in Kent, however, I have recently been looking at getting into documentary family photography. I love capturing real natural moments in a families life whether it be something momentous like a wedding or the beautiful day to day moments that are so special. 

Because of this family historian mindset, documentary family photography seemed like a natural extension of what I already do, so I sought out a loving family to allow me to capture their typical day in the life, no poses, no direction and no fake smiles. Just real moments between the family. I couldn't have found a more perfect family to do this with than Anneka, Ian & Mya. 

Anneka and Ian are an awesome couple and their daughter Mya is just 9 months but already is beaming with personality and has an amazing smile. We started the day at breakfast time, where things got a little messy!

After breakfast, the happy family hung out around the house and had a bit of playtime before getting ready to start the day. This included a very splashy bath time and some time hanging with their cat.

They then went for walk in the local park before returning home for lunch and more fun around the home. 

I love how the photos turned out and it sounds like Anneka & Ian loved them too! I can't wait to do more shoots like this and capture families at their most real. If you are looking to preserve your families memories and would like a shoot like this please do get in touch and tell me about your loved ones.  

Below I have the slideshow from the shoot and the images below that. Enjoy! Thank you once again to Anneka, Ian and Mya for being so lovely and for having me into your home!

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