I'm Danny Jack. I take photos and tell bad jokes.


About ME

Hey folks! I'm Danny and thank you so much for taking the time to check out my site! I'm a Kent wedding photographer but I shoot all over the UK. I started shooting weddings in Nottingham where I grew up so you'll still find me up there from time to time.

I get super excited about obscure sci-fi films, acoustic covers of cheesy pop songs, food that's way too spicy for me, epic sunsets and looking for seahorses underwater. When I'm not shooting weddings my favourite things to do are to play the guitar (badly) and to travel the world with my better half, Sarah.

About You

My clients are fun down to earth couples who are super excited to have an awesome time with their friends and families. They don't want their day to be overly orchestrated and would rather have things more laid back and fun. When it comes to their wedding photographs, although they love getting some cool creative portraits on the wedding day, they want a wedding photographer who will capture all those hilarious and heartfelt moments with their loved ones.  You can find out more about how I can capture your special day by checking out the My Approach Page.

If this sounds like you then we just may be a perfect fit! I would love to hear all about you guys and your special day so please do get in touch and we can grab a coffee!