The Pro-Studio Photo-booth

I am happy to announce my new service for 2016. My open studio photo booth. I offer a unique photo-booth experience that takes all the fun of a traditional photo booth with the quality of a photography studio. Whether it be for a wedding, prom, Birthday or any other event the photo-booth is guaranteed to be a great attraction for guests.

How does it work?

My open booth is designed to be both fun for those in front of the camera and those on the other side of the room. Guests can spectate as those having their photos taken choose from a variety of fun and whacky props and take as many photos as they like with as many people as they like . Once guests have taken their photo they are able to immediately view it blown up on the backdrop for all the guests to see and laugh over. People will be lining up for their turn. All images are then available to be viewed on an iPad and then downloaded online the next evening. Guests can even purchase prints online if they would like. 


What makes it different?

Most photo-booths are purchased ready to go from a warehouse and can by anyone. This booth has been made by me with every element considered to make it as fun and look as good as possible. I use a professional SLR camera for the images as well as professional studio lighting. The backdrop is designed to hide a light inside meaning guests can stand wherever they like and still have a pure white background just like you would find in a photography studio. Guests are given a remote trigger which can be hidden in the palm of their hand to take photos when they are ready.  The projector included in the booth allows guests to look at the photos straight away on a big screen which can be seen from the other side of a room. There will also be an Ipad which the images are being streamed to. Allowing guests to look back at images right from the start of the event and a slideshow of the images will be playing on the background whenever the booth is not in use. The booth comes with a whole range of props from vintage moustaches to Pirate Hats to blow up Dinosaurs so there's something for everyone.

What do I need?

You will need a space of the way at least 3m x 3m for the booth with an average roof size. Preferably in a corner or place where no one is going to be cueing for the bar or the buffet and not so close to a dance-floor it can be stumbled into. The space will also need access to at least 2 plug sockets. I will also need time to set up the booth before use. This could be during a meal if its for a wedding of anytime before an event.

My photo-booth is currently on an introductory offer of £300 for 3 hours of use. I do not need to be your wedding photographer for you to hire my booth , however my higher packages do offer a photo-booth discount. If you would like to book the booth please get in touch now and let me know!