Best all round camera bag - My favourite bag!

Best all-around camera bag - My favourite camera bag!

 Peak Design sling 10L

Peak Design sling 10L

After a search that first began when I purchased my first ever camera I feel I have finally found a camera bag that clicks for me. I have been using it for about 6 months now and it suits my needs perfectly. Ladies and Gentleman, the peak design Sling.

This bag has been through a lot with me in the past 6 months. I've taken it travelling around Asia, up a rainy mountain in Ireland and to plenty of engagements and weddings. I've been after a camera bag that carries just what I need and can be forgotten about when I'm not using it. 

 I should say before I start listing the reasons why this is the perfect bag for me that I don't actually use this bag exclusively for my wedding photography. For weddings, I use a 2 camera setup and use another peak design product - the everyday backpack to carry the extra gear. The Peak design sling, however, is perfect for my more everyday use where I only use one camera and maybe a couple of spare lenses, such as on holiday, engagement and family shoots or just out an about. So with the that out the way let me tell you why I love this bag!


1. The strap

The biggest appeal of this bag to me is its shoulder strap system. I am able to keep this bag securely against my back and move around freely without any restriction. It's great for those who are on the move and need a bag that works for cycling or hiking. When you need to get out your camera it's super easy to swing the bag around to your side or front and grab your camera or quickly switch a lens. Its because of this that the bag is incredibly adaptable depending on your shooting style and can be considered a decent shoulder bag as well as a sling.


2 - The clever but simple storage features.

The Peak design sling has three compartments. The main one which is for most of your gear, a front pocket ( perfect for your keys, phone and camera accessories), and finally a zip compartment on the lid of the bag. I love this little compartment and it is well set up to keep a couple of spare batteries and cards. There is ever a little colour code system to help me know what is full and what is empty.


3 - It folds down pretty flat.

Like I mentioned before. I love this bag for holidays and travelling. It can my 13-inch laptop or tablet and the dividers can be taken out if I would just like to take one camera and maybe a book or water bottle. Alternatively, if I would like to pack this bag into my checked luggage I can fold it down pretty flat and just lay it on top of my luggage.


4 - It holds more than you might think.

although the main appeal of this bag is its clever simplicity and ease of use, it can more than fit everything I would need for a typical shoot. In fact, if I fancy only using one camera during a wedding then this bag works just fine. Everything above is what I would have on an engagement session and fits into the bag without feeling too heavy or the bag bulging. Because of the origami dividers inside the bag, you can stack lenses comfortably and fit in a large SLR without it hitting your lenses. If you would like to know what lenses I use during a wedding then please check out my Best lenses for wedding photography post

All in all, I love this bag and I'm to say for now the search for my perfect bag is over!

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Why being a wedding photographer is awesome!

Why being a wedding photographer is totally awesome.


A while ago I wrote and an article about how I became a Kent Wedding Photographer and it got a lovely response. I really enjoyed writing about my story and sharing it with others so have decided to write this follow up article on why I love being a wedding photographer and feel very lucky to be able to do what I do. 

If you are looking to get into wedding photography yourself then I would love to hear from you. I offer 1-to-1 tuition and wedding photography workshops. Please get in touch if this sounds good to you.

Below are my five top reasons why I love being a wedding photographer, If you have any other reasons please leave them in the comments.

1. You get to be at a party in a great place every week.

Weddings are a gold mine of fantastic things to shoot. Tonnes of stuff is always going on and it is a hive of activity. Even though you are working, the fun at a wedding is completely contagious and a joy to shoot. I love capturing the smiles and laughter at a wedding and it's never hard to find. I often find myself staying late at a wedding just because the party is so much fun.

2. Your clients are enjoying the happiest day of their lives.

Professional photographers work for every kind of client you can imagine. Commercial photographers will work with marketing companies, Fashion photographers work with art directors and designers and the list goes on. All of these people I'm sure are lovely but work in a high-stress environment and will likely be very controlling on what you do. When it comes to wedding photographer, our clients are normal people who are in love and enjoying their big day. It is my belief that wedding photographers work with the best clients and always a pleasure to work with. 

3. Its like all photography disciplines rolled into one

For those who enjoy a wide variety of photography, wedding photography is a fantastic avenue as in my opinion, it takes the best of all other photography disciplines and rolls them into one. Throughout the day wedding, photographers employ skills found in commercial, product, portrait, event, documentary and many other types of wedding photography. You find yourself as a wedding photographer shooting in all kinds of light and locations, it keeps you on the toes but its always fun!

4. No two weddings are the same

One thing I love about my job is the variety in it each week.I am constantly getting to meet new people and travel to new places. Each wedding is a different story with different people. I love telling these stories and capturing the emotions throughout the day. It's these photos that I love the most and are unique to every wedding.

5. No wedding photographer is the same

As a photographer who loves being creative, I love being able to capture peoples special memories and at the same be creative and create my own wedding photography style. There is a huge variety of wedding photographers and wedding photography itself falls into lots of different styles such modern, documentary, and traditional. I love that wedding photographers are able to do things their way and then find clients that a looking for what they offer.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article on why I love being a wedding photographer. If you happen to be getting married yourself I would love to hear from you . Please get in contact with me.

Wedding Photography Foundations Workshop!

Wedding Photography foundations Workshop

Ahhhh! I'm so excited! Guys, my good friend Lauren of Lauren Henson Photography and I  have been planning this workshop for a while now and I'm so excited to announce it to the world. All the details are listed below but any questions you have please let us know.


Who is it for?

We are hosting a one-day wedding photography workshop to cover a huuuge spectrum of stuff that will help you grow your wedding photography business. If you are perhaps just starting out and are looking to get yourself on the right track for success or if you've been going a little longer but struggle with certain aspects of your photography business then this course will enlighten you and put you back in the right direction. Lauren and I are not what you would call traditional wedding photographers so for those looking for a creative boost and a better insight into how we look at weddings a different way then this course is also for you.

What will I learn?

A whole heap of awesomeness! To be more specific, we are planning on giving you heaps and heaps of tips and knowledge that cover ALL areas needed for a successful wedding photography business. We have split the course into two halves, one which focuses on the creative side and one which focusses on the equally important business side. Here is a list of some of the knowledge bombs we would like to share with you.

Creative Stuff!

  • The Wedding Photographer mindset and why wedding photography is awesome
  • Finding your style and approach
  • Natural posing for couples and how to get the best reactions
  • Finding great light and composition in tricky places.
  • Creative tricks for portraits, Prisms, double exposures and anything else we can think of!
  • The Wedding day from start to finish.
  • Our favourite wedding gear, including our favourite snacks!
  • How we edit a shoot.

Super cool business stuff!

  • Marketing 101
  • Setting up an awesome website
  • Setting up a solid business foundation.
  • Creating a workflow that cares about your customers and frees up your time
  • All the tools you need to run a successful business and what software we use. 
  • Pricing and deliverables

How will the day go?

We will be starting at 10.00am so please get there with time to spare. Coffee and tea will be available at half nine. The day will be super busy and we will be covering as much as possible but there will be time for coffee breaks throughout the day. We will be providing lunch at around 12.30 and going out for a couple shoot just after. If we have time we will go out twice. We will be planning to wrap up around 5pm and you are most welcome to join us for drinks afterwards. There is parking on site and a Travelodge just opposite and rooms in the pub for those who wish to stay overnight.

How do I sign up!?

Very good question! To sign up all you have to do is email me or Lauren at either or and let us know you are and that you would like to take part and we will sort things out.

The Photographer blog!

My brand new resource hub for aspiring photographers!

Hey there folks! Welcome to my brand new blog for aspiring portrait and wedding photographers!

As well as keeping you up to date with my work and providing helpful tips for my clients I wanted to host a new blog for those looking to pick up some knowledge in the world of professional photography!

Here I am hoping to share what I know with other professional photographers who may be able to benefit from lessons I've learnt whilst working as a wedding and portrait photographer and maybe avoid some of the mistakes I've made along the way! 

I will be letting you know about the tools I use to make my business run smoothly and offer the best value to clients and sharing with you some of my top tips. As well as this I will also be making myself available for 1-to-1 training for people of abilities to get a better handle on their camera.

What would you guys like to see or learn about? Please let me know in the comments.

Peace out,