Best all round camera bag - My favourite bag!

Best all-around camera bag - My favourite camera bag!

Peak Design sling 10L

Peak Design sling 10L

After a search that first began when I purchased my first ever camera I feel I have finally found a camera bag that clicks for me. I have been using it for about 6 months now and it suits my needs perfectly. Ladies and Gentleman, the peak design Sling.

This bag has been through a lot with me in the past 6 months. I've taken it travelling around Asia, up a rainy mountain in Ireland and to plenty of engagements and weddings. I've been after a camera bag that carries just what I need and can be forgotten about when I'm not using it. 

 I should say before I start listing the reasons why this is the perfect bag for me that I don't actually use this bag exclusively for my wedding photography. For weddings, I use a 2 camera setup and use another peak design product - the everyday backpack to carry the extra gear. The Peak design sling, however, is perfect for my more everyday use where I only use one camera and maybe a couple of spare lenses, such as on holiday, engagement and family shoots or just out an about. So with the that out the way let me tell you why I love this bag!


1. The strap

The biggest appeal of this bag to me is its shoulder strap system. I am able to keep this bag securely against my back and move around freely without any restriction. It's great for those who are on the move and need a bag that works for cycling or hiking. When you need to get out your camera it's super easy to swing the bag around to your side or front and grab your camera or quickly switch a lens. Its because of this that the bag is incredibly adaptable depending on your shooting style and can be considered a decent shoulder bag as well as a sling.


2 - The clever but simple storage features.

The Peak design sling has three compartments. The main one which is for most of your gear, a front pocket ( perfect for your keys, phone and camera accessories), and finally a zip compartment on the lid of the bag. I love this little compartment and it is well set up to keep a couple of spare batteries and cards. There is ever a little colour code system to help me know what is full and what is empty.


3 - It folds down pretty flat.

Like I mentioned before. I love this bag for holidays and travelling. It can my 13-inch laptop or tablet and the dividers can be taken out if I would just like to take one camera and maybe a book or water bottle. Alternatively, if I would like to pack this bag into my checked luggage I can fold it down pretty flat and just lay it on top of my luggage.


4 - It holds more than you might think.

although the main appeal of this bag is its clever simplicity and ease of use, it can more than fit everything I would need for a typical shoot. In fact, if I fancy only using one camera during a wedding then this bag works just fine. Everything above is what I would have on an engagement session and fits into the bag without feeling too heavy or the bag bulging. Because of the origami dividers inside the bag, you can stack lenses comfortably and fit in a large SLR without it hitting your lenses. If you would like to know what lenses I use during a wedding then please check out my Best lenses for wedding photography post

All in all, I love this bag and I'm to say for now the search for my perfect bag is over!

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