Top tips for your wedding timeline.

Planning your wedding photography timeline is an exciting but sometimes confusing part of wedding planning and it can be hard to predict how much time you need for each part of your special day. It is a huge party of my wedding photography philosophy to ensure that your wedding photos do not intrude on the rest of your day and that you are able to enjoy and take in every part of the day . Because of this I have put together a handy timeline to give you an idea of how much time you may need to make the best of your day.

Getting Ready

Wedding photography coverage typically starts with bridal prep, this is a great chance to get some shots of all your special wedding details such as your dress and shoes. This part of the day is always jam packed with fun times with you and your bridesmaids and family and sets the scene for the story of your day. To keep things stress free I would always advise you ask your makeup artist do your makeup first to make sure that there is no rush to get your makeup done when it is time to get into your dress. When discussing your own timeline for the day. Quite often I will arrive at the same time your hair and makeup is due to start. If you would like to get some bridal portraits and bridesmaids shots as well after you are in your dress then please allow extra time for this.

Ideal time : 3 hours before ceremony plus traveling time.

Cocktail hour/Group Photos

This is the part of the day I am probably most directly involved in as during this time we will be doing your family group photos . These are a great memento of you with all your loved ones all together and I think these are important pictures to get, having said this I want to make sure it doesn’t take too much time on your day so that you can back to your drinks and your guests. Because of this I suggest a maximum amount of 10 groups on your day with an ideal amount being 6-8. I will creating a guide in the near future to help you pick your groups if you are stuck. Before the wedding date we will create a group photo list so I know exactly what we are doing at this time. It is also can be a good idea to recruit one of your ushers to help with ensuring everyone is around. I normally recommend we do group pictures quite soon after the end of the ceremony before people wander off . I often can do you group pictures in about 15 minutes however I suggest you allow 30 minutes for this in case important family members are AWOL.

Ideal time: 1 1/2 to 2 hours

Couple photos

This is one of my favourite times at the wedding as its a lovely time to let you guys reflect on the day so far and have a breather and some fun with just the three of us. On the same train of thought as your group photos in not taking you away from your guests for too long I try to make sure you have enough time to get some amazing shots and see all your guests before wedding breakfast. All weddings are different when it comes to how much time we do this for, however I typically like to take you guys for about 20 minutes or so. One way I think this works best is to have your couple photos a short amount of time before your guests begin to make their way to their seats and when we are done and drinks are filled you will be ready to be announced into the room. If this sounds like something that would fit with your day I recommend asking your wedding coordinator if this is possible.

At every wedding I can, I also love to whisk you guys away for a few minutes later in the evening either at dusk or during the night time . These can often be the epic shots of the couple photos and we always try to create something special and unique. 

The Evening

I love to stick around in the evening and get some great dancing and evening shots. In terms of when to have your cake cut I am very relaxed about when you would like to do this so whenever works best for you but it is best to do this one right after the other. My coverage is unlimited but I will always stick around for at least an hour after the first dance to get shots of everyone dancing.

Everything Else!

You may have other events you are putting into your wedding timeline which I would love to hear about! Whether it be a bouquet throw or a sparkler exit or even fireworks I will be there to cover it, there is space in the questionaire to let me the details and I will make sure it is captured!