Why Have an Engagement Shoot? - 5 reasons engagement shoots are awesome

I love engagement shoots. They are always a lot of fun and and I enjoy getting to know my wedding clients better before the wedding day. But what are the benefits of you having an engagement shoot before your wedding day. I have listed 5 of the main reasons to have an engagement shoot. I offer a complimentary engagement shoot to all my clients. Follow the link below to have a look a look at my engagement portfolio.

Kent Engagement Photography


Great Images!

Who doesn't love having great photos of themselves. This could be the first time you guys get photos taken together as a couple and are the perfect counterpart to your wedding day images. I love giving you guys images that capture this moment in your life together in a more natural day to day setting. Wedding Photography is of course the main service I will be providing for you guys but assuming you don't wear a wedding dress everyday your engagement photos are a nice variety.

During the engagement we have the opportunity to take time with our shots and create a whole variety of great images capture your personality. I encourage you guys to put your stamp on your shoot and help you guys pick the perfect location and I love it when couples add their own authentic flair to it.

A lot of couples like to use their engagement shoots for a whole variety of things on the wedding day such as for their save the date invitations, signing books or as decorations for their venue. 



Stronger Relationships

One of the most common pieces of feedback I get from clients is how I made them feel comfortable and like a friend on the wedding day.  I love hearing stuff like this and I do everything I can to establish this relationship as I believe it leads to better images. One of the ways we can get to this point quicker is by having a chance to properly hang out before the wedding day. That way you know more about how I work and what to expect and feel more comfortable with me being with you on the day.

During the engagement shoot we are not just spending times getting great pictures. We are taking the time to have a chat and a laugh about anything . I want to show you that having your pictures taken is not a serious affair and we can have lots of fun! By having an engagement shoot with me it will help you gain confidence in me as a photographer so that you can relax on your day knowing your images are going to be great!


Relieves nerves on the day!

Continuing on from the last point, building up a relationship prior to the wedding day is a great way to relieve nerves when it comes to having your wedding photo. Pretty much none of my clients are 100% comfortable having their photos taken by a professional. I hear this all the time from my clients before their engagement shoot and if you feel a bit apprehensive you certainly aren't alone! This can especially be the case with the guys.

By doing an engagement shoot beforehand you will know what to expect on the day and this can help dramatically so that you look and feel more relaxed and show you know that its not an overly posy awkward shoot, rather a time for you guys to have fun together with just a little bit of guidance from me to get the best out of your shots.


Kent couples photography

Speeding things up on your wedding day

On your Wedding day I make a special effort to make sure that your photos don't intrude on your day more then they need to. By having an engagement shoot before hand I can introduce you guys to a few posing tips I teach all my clients that will save me time on the day. This means that in the time period we have on the wedding day you guys can fall right into it with less guidance which means more images for you. From the engagement shoot I will have also had had the chance to learn about how you guys interact with one another and how best pose you guys as a couple as this will have all been figured out during the engagement shoot. 

Kent Engagement Photography

Better wedding day images.

All the above points lead to one final reason and that is that it can help you to get better images on your wedding day. By us having a better relationship and you feeling more relaxed on the day you will be more comfortable during your couples shoot on your wedding day. I will have a better idea about what kind of images you guys you envision and how to best direct you on the day. Because you have done it before you will know what to expect and it will be easier to get more moments that are natural.